Our services comprise all aspects of ship charter and our tailor-made services are available worldwide

We offer all types of ship chartering arrangements, including full and part charter, consecutive voyage charters based on Contracts of Affreightment and Time Chartering.

Providing an efficient transport service between ports for wide range of cargo parcels calls and complex logistics operations, which we developed to handle.

We focused mainly in four types of vessels chartering, related to large parcels of commodities segments:

> Dry bulk vessels chartering for commodities such; grain, fertilizer, raw materials, iron ore, coal etc.

> Break-bulk, steel products, pipes, bagged/palletised cargoes, heavy lift vessel chartering for industrial equipment and machinery and scrap..

> Specialized cargo ships chartering such; Forestry timber logs, wood pulp, woodchips etc.

> Liner chartering, specializing in the transport of small cargo parcels, which do not fill the hold of a ship.Liner is fixed service, at regular intervals, between named ports, and offer themselves as general carriers of any goods requiring shipment between those ports.